Itineraries of arts, history and cultures within F.V.G.

Guided tours
Friuli Venezia Giulia

Guided tours of art, culture and traditions
Friuli Venezia Giulia

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We are a team of qualified tourist guides with experience, that would like to introduce you to our reality of “mittel-european” region, melting point of different cultures and people.

We'll tell you about the imperial Trieste, the roman Aquileia, birthplace of Christianity in this part of Europe and than about Udine of Tiepolo painter. We'll walk around Gorizia, which lies between Isonzo River and Adriatic Sea and along the “Contrada Maggiore” in Pordenone as well as inside Cividale, San Daniele, Spilimbergo, Tolmezzo, Gemona, Venzone, Palmanova and other interesting and amazing places.

From Pinot bianco (D.O.C. white wine) to vitovska (tipical red wine), from malvasia to cabernet, from gubana to strudel, from frico to jota! These are only some tipical products you could taste during our tours.

You'll find here a preview of the classic itineraries we offer but we are at your complete disposal for customized tours, addressed to group with special interests as well as to students and schools.